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Frequently Asked Questions

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The best way for us to get started on your repair is by requesting a quote with your repair details and photo’s. We will be able to assess the surface damage and let you know what we will be able to achieve.

What information do I need to provide for a quote?

Please provide photos that clearly show the level of damage and surface to repair. You will also need to provide your address, contact number, owned / rental (need agency details) and any information about the damage you think could be relevant.

How long will the repair take?

The timeframes will be depending on the size and complexity of the repair/s required. In some situations the team can be in and out in an hour, but others can take days to repair all the damage to multiple surfaces. We will be able to provide a more accurate timeframe once we assess the site and level of damage.

Do you provide this service in my area?

Our team service Melbourne Metro and greater Victoria. Anything outside of the ‘metro’ area will incur travel levy fee’s and will be dependant on the location.

Do you work on commercial projects?

Yes, we predominately work on commercial projects and have assisted in finishing some of the most high end commercial builds in Melbourne. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of commercial requirements and standard of finishes expected.

Do you take on home repairs?

Yes, we can fix flooring, tiles, ceramic and stone surfaces in your home too

Do you have insurance?

We are fully insured and can provide copies of all insurances upon request.

Have a different question?

Should you have a specific question that wasn’t answered above, you can contact our team directly via email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please email your enquiry to: admin@tcsrepairsolutions.com.au

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